What Consumes Your Mind, Controls Your Life

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Anxiety and worry often gets the better of us. We pile it up until there is no room for anything else in our minds and it overflows into our lifestyles, work, relationships and dreams. It often rushes us into bad decisions and allows negative energy to flow back to us. A vicious cycle that can be changed only with a break in the routine..

When we can turn this energy into creative expression we give ourselves an outlet and way to exchange our negative energy into something positive and can find our ‘happy’ again.

With help and support from friends, family and mentors, we overflow, cry, hug, pull it together, see the situation with clearer eyes, (and in my case) write a song…

Everyone has their days.. Don’t deny yourself the human right to be vulnerable, just understand the people who you can trust to be around you when your in that state..