I have been working with creative people for over 15 years now and one thing that I find quite common is the lack of boundaries when it comes to helping others and putting other people’s projects in front of our own.

I completely get it. I’ve been ‘that guy’. So many of us feel like we lack support and confidence for getting our own projects out there. Because meaningful music and art represents us, our personal emotions and feelings, and sometimes putting out an original into the world feels like standing bare naked on stage in front of a room of your peers, amongst others. So we avoid our own projects like the plague. 🏃‍♀️

It’s so funny how the ones we are afraid to be judged by are our fellow creatives. But it doesn’t surprise me. Because as creatives we are also the first to judge other peoples art — and that is just standard projection behaviour.

Imagine you could detach from the reactions of others to your music or art. Imagine a world where you actually didn’t get so caught up in what everyone will think. Imagine that you could determine your success through what it actually felt like to create something, rather than how it is received by others, or how much income it generates for you.

How much better of a creator would you be? How much more honest would your art be?

The thing is, IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD… you can actually CHOOSE that stuff, or not… But you have to WORK at it.

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Change your mindset, drop the hang ups and become a BETTER creator — the universe will sort out the rest