That’s me…

That’s me. On The Voice Australia. Taking big leaps to resolve issues I have been carrying for a long time.

In 2005 I was a contestant on Australian Idol, which led to some amazing experiences in my music career. I was young. I was unprepared back then for the ‘big bad entertainment industry.’
And I was swept up in a whirlwind, propelled forward and in this process, I lost myself.

I lost my control over my dream. Everything on the outside was perfect. I was living my dream life. But I struggled on the inside. I struggled with an incredible amount of self doubt. I felt undeserving, I felt like a fraud. And it was in big part, my fault.

I didn’t know what I wanted, so I allowed the people around me to create it. I let others make decisions that would determine my future so that I didn’t need to feel accountable, and I did not speak about my vision, my values and my heart.

My soul suffered from my own sense of (lack of) self-worth.

It lasted a long time and there was even a long time that I refused to write and record my own stuff.

But I’ve been on this journey to empower myself and re-write my history. And to help others to do the same. Because you are only worth what you think you are.

This was the scariest thing that I have done in a long time.

I’m older, I’m heavier, I’m a mum now and I don’t have as much energy as I had when I was 20. All things that would have held me back before. But it’s time to let it all go.

Did I turn chairs? Yep. All 4. But this moment wasn’t necessarily about that. It was about showing up in my truth and pouring out my soul to the world. And allowing people to finally see me, as I am, and being ok with people not connecting with it.

Because somewhere in the world, I would have connected with someone just like me. Someone who needed to hear my story and my message. A message that I will continue to put front and centre of my journey:

That there is only one YOU. So show that to the world, and find people who resonate with it.

That YOU are ultimately in control of your story – Don’t give that power to anyone.

That dreams are meant for chasing, and there is no time limit on them.


Go get it…

Roxy Xx

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